Here at Line Drive Sports, our staff is passionate about baseball and fastpitch softball. We work to deliver our baseball and fastpitch passion to the community in the Twin Cities northern suburbs.

We feature individual and team training lessons in hitting, pitching, fielding, catching, throwing, and conditioning. Our staff had trained numerous baseball and fastpitch players who have advanced to the collegiate and professional ranks!

Training and Rates

fielding-2Line Drive Sports offers individual and group training for all ages and in every aspect of baseball and softball: hitting, pitching, catching, and defense.  In addition we offer speed, conditioning and weight training.

With our hitting instruction our trainers will work with the athletes to develop a quicker, more powerful swing and build explosive bat speed.  Also, our pitching instructors for both baseball and fast-pitch softball, are dedicated to making you the best you can be on the mound.

No matter what it is you are looking for, our professional training emphasizes the proper mechanics needed to improve your game.

Our custom programs combine skills training with our speed and agility program for those who want to improve their all around game!  Strength training is also an option.  The goal of our speed and conditioning program is designed specifically for all athletes will consist of various speed and power plyo-metric drills tailored to increase speed, quickness and explosive power.

This program will increase a player’s confidence by continuing to enhance their abilities and improve the following:
·  Increase Speed
·  Increase Strength and Hitting Power.
·  Get the Athlete in Great Shape!

The sessions will be challenging so be ready to work hard, but be assured that you will get to work at your own pace.


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